Sophisticated yet friendly

Luxury without pretense

Hip but not trendy

Designer jewelry that is powerful and rare

What makes worth?


There are those that believe that the human struggle and sacrifice of the miners is what adds to the great value of the gem, those that give their flesh for the flash.  They sell us that it is worth that much more because of that journey.  Yes, I saw it, they do give what they have in brute force but that it is not what makes the beauty or the rarity or the sacred vibrancy that brings us to the gems….the miners, the brokers, the cutters, the designers, the customers who love the jewelry…we are all a part of the whole.  I will not believe that any one of us in that circle is not connected with the other. We all contribute and benefit to the process.   I have seen the faces of each and they share a passion.  The miners dig with the hope to find, the brokers bring them to the audience that waits for them, the cutters take what is given and shape it to a new life, the designers build the symbols that mean everything  and nothing.  And last but really first- the customer.  These are the people who give what they work so very hard to earn to be a part of the circle.  No part is more or less than the other and each is a part of the whole that brings these things to our eyes.