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What I Will Be Doing in Africa

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I want to see the mines.  I want to see the miners.  I want to blog to you all every day about the people and their lives and how the beauty they bring out of the earth affects them.  I want to tell you about their children, their aging parents and their daily life.  I want to find the very good news and tell you about it.  I want to look straight into the eyes of the things that could be better and tell you about that as well. 

I will be talking, talking, talking.  No big surprise there.  I will talk to anyone that will talk back to me and probably talk to many that won’t.  I even plan to learn some Swahili so I can at least open the conversation in the native tongue.  “Please tell me where the flush toilets are”  That ought to get a laugh out of the locals.

Over the next few months, I hope to bring up some interesting food for thought on the subject of sustainability in gemstone mining and fair trade wages to the miners.  Please leave me any comments that you may be pondering.