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Weaving Precious Metals

The twining technique of basket weaving is composed of a system of spokes (warps) assembled in parallel sequence evenly spaced. Twining refers to the use of a pair of wefts which are crossed before twisting around each warp element to produce a locked horizontal structure of tightly packed stitches. The product is remarkably strong despite its delicate appearance.

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A Precious Weave

Visual communication
For my Labyrinth Cuff and Torque, I use 18k white gold or PT5HTA (heat treatable platinum 950) as the base structure taking advantage of their springy natures that provide the strength and stamina to hold its shape. For the lacing material (wefts) that are woven over the structure, I use 24K or platinum .999 ‘threads’. This wire is a continuous double element as it moves in and out of the warp structure.