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To Be Content

Wilder left for Portland today. That urge to travel has gripped him hard and with his welding program at Dunwoody starting in January, it’s now or later, so he told me on Wednesday that he was leaving today.

I was sad, I was happy, I was prematurely worried and a little bit envious. But mostly I was just gloriously savoring the total contentment I saw in his face as he packed. He was pursuing the thing he knew made him happy, even if he had no clue what that thing was. He was literally vibrating with it as he gathered his stuff and talked to me about what he needed. I would have made a list…i’m the list making type, but i sensed he just wanted me to be there while he lead. I was in awe of how simply he approached it and how at ease he was with deciding on Wednesday to travel for two months and leaving on Friay. I went to Europe for two months at his age and it took me many months before to feel prepared. He just was in the moment so fully that nothing else mattered but going. His lack of hesitation and his pure contentment with his decision made me feel like I had so much to learn about just being.

I am at the halfway point of my shop build out marathon and i don’t think I can give up my lists just yet but I am checking things off daily. I don’t feel the still contentment that comes with a resolute decision that I saw in Wilder. My excitement is anticipation of what is to come. It’s a whole new thing, a reinvention of the same ideals in a shiny new package. The end of our decade at 18 University is October 27th but the beginning of the next at 509 1/2 First ave is early November. I want to tell you all about it!