Sophisticated yet friendly

Luxury without pretense

Hip but not trendy

Designer jewelry that is powerful and rare

Sidewalk Inspiration

sidewalk-graffiti3New York. Unlike any city in the world. Everything available at anytime in the day or night mostly for a costly price.  But the thing I found here during my latest trip to this amazing place was totally free. It was the visual images of how the people expressed themselves and their humanity.  Retail window displays that were as engaging as any modern art museum could be, the flow of crowds of people that moved as if they were doing a choreographed broadway dance,brilliant street art covering every surface of some neighborhoods.  All fueled by the city that surrounded them, all expressions of the life that they lived daily and all engaging and connecting me to them. I saw jewelry designs everywhere I looked…J-and-T-at-Tiffanys

…And then we went to Tiffany’s. Well, not everything is inspirational in NYC.

And just when we thought we’d had enough, we’d seen so much that we thought our senses could not take another moment of New York…jack

…Jack White at the historic Roseland Ballroom.  Now that was a totally different kind of inspiration.