Sophisticated yet friendly

Luxury without pretense

Hip but not trendy

Designer jewelry that is powerful and rare

Sherris Cottier Shank
Sherris’ signature carving style is fluid and sensual, accentuated by crisp lines and a fine polish. Her sculpted gemstones capture the liquid grace of flowing water. Carving gems is an act of transformational magic. It is so magical, that after decades in the studio, it still amazes Shank that simple carving and polishing can release such astonishing beauty. She exalts in the entire process; picking the rough gem, imagining the design, pre-forming the rough to release the inner carving, refining the shape, sculpting the details, sanding and polishing the gem to perfection. Sculpting gems is a treasure hunt for beauty, an adventure that intrigues her as much now, as it did in 1981 when she first encountered the art form.