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Lily has found out I am leaving in 10 days

lily_b_and_w1I am not sure how she knows or what she knows but she knows.  She shadowed me as I layed out all my travel clothes and stalked me as I ran between rooms gathering all the mini 2 ounce things that will make me more comfortable (DEET bug dope, antibacterial hand sanitizer, nasal spray) and did that doggie style head thing that meant she was intriqued yet confused.  I didnt yell when I tripped over her for the second time but she got the message that she was in the way and let out a huge sad sigh…and layed down…but never took her eyes off me.

She knows.  I am going very far away and she is not coming with me this time.

Please follow postings from my travels to Tanzania and Kenya as I learn about gemstone mining, buy rough gems, talk to the local miners and tell you everything I can about the hope for sustainability and fair trade in the gemstone world.  Visit my facebook page at the link below and click ‘like’ and I will let you in on all the adventures.  Then on my return I will post to this blog and schedule the post trip talks, slide shows and gemstone events that will be held at my store in NE Minneapolis.

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