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Life Lessons From Lily

Lily and T ice fishing

I have had other dogs. Many of you met Lily’s predecessor Rubin, my maladjusted Standard Poodle. None were comparable to Lily.

Lily, my sweet brindle boxer, lived a full life, and in so many ways she fulfilled mine. In looking back at her 11 years with me,family members,clients and close friends, Lily taught me so many life lessons. She demonstrated reminders of the life basics that I would forget during the hustle to keep pace or increase the speed at which my busy life moves.

When moments of the day’s schedule slowed down, these were the times when Lily’s canine wisdom shined through.

Her vocabulary of expression was deep and she never failed to show me exactly how she felt. I learned so very much from her, and I thought as a tribute to her grand spirit, I would share some of those things with you.


She was very physically expressive and was known to lean into her friends for a little loving support. Lily wasn’t shy. With her voice she could whimper softly to remind me that I forgot her treat, or that she wanted to go outside. And yes, she boxed.

Living in a big city can be isolating even though we are surrounded with people. Lily taught me to show genuine interest in new people as she did to every new face that walked into my store.

I can be so goal-focused sometimes that I lose sight of the value of the journey. Lily showed me that even if you can’t catch the squirrel, chase the squirrel anyway.

Unconditionally love those that you love. I knew she loved me because she loved me always, no conditions: no exceptions. (I never met a cat that was that devoted.)

A small treat makes you happy. She helped me see that a treat doesn’t have to be big to bring joy.

I have learned so much from this canine Zen master’s wisdom that I could probably write a book but here are a few more of my most personal favorites.

A little ride in the car with the wind on your face always make you feel better.

You dont have to answer every time someone calls you.

Physical contact means more than words.

Always be willing to try new foods.

Take a nap when you are tired.

Stop and do nothing for a little bit of time, everyday.


She changed my life and that’s true love.