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Hepatitis, meningitis, tetanus and polio


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October 20, 2010

…in two arms, in one day.  And I still need more because apparently I may be bitten, drink, eat, breath or rub up against something infectious.  I’ve never been terribly risk-averse but.  Add the cost of all these vaccines and it may equal my airfare…so I’ll get the biggies and practice common sense to avoid the rest. Which brings us to…

What I Wont Be Doing in Africa

I think I can skip the rabies vaccine since I don’t plan to do any cave exploring or get within biting distance of any African animals. I won’t be swimming so I don’t need the schistosomiasis shot.  Hepatitis B is only recommended for travelers with the possibility of acupuncture, dental work or tattooing. Tricky… two of three are activities that I have definitely participated in but I will exercise restraint and save them for when I’m home.