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Gem Journal Winter

I just learned the ‘Watch what you ask for’ lesson the hard way. My winter has always been consumed with two things…preparing for the winter shows and snowboarding. My bench usually takes priority, that is unless it’s been snowing, then I do the graveyard shift and ride every daylight hour I can. Winter only lasts so long so I justify it that way and squeeze the rest where I can. It’s always worked, until this season. An exciting new line with new literature and new software and new equipment and a new employee makes many new details to chase down. So when it didn’t snow for the first month of winter I was secretly relieved to get more work time. (Please don’t tell the SnowBroads, they’ll kick me out of the club) Then when it did start dumping, I griped to myself about how I was going to fit it all in. Last season I worked out a way to ride three days a week so two days this year shouldn’t be so hard, right? Not right! Hard to call appointments (and shift) while driving to the slopes. Really hard to teach a decent snowboard lesson when my mind keeps drifting to metal and stones I need. And the hardest is sketching new designs with frozen fingers while on a chairlift. I can’t explain the snowguilt I had…out there doing what I love best and thinking of nothing but work. Sick. The questions were tough ones. Had I suddenly grown up and gotten old? Or was I just developing an addiction to my job?
I think I had finally come to terms with it all and found a schedule I could make work. I started to enjoy my day out of the shop and really looked forward to it each week…I started to daydream about it while I was at my bench. Have you ever sent an email and right after you hit ‘send’ you wish you could get it back? Last Sunday I was riding my snowboard thinking only of riding my snowboard and…my trick knee pulled a good one. And that was it. I sent some cosmic electronic message with all my whining and got more work time the hard way. ou really gotta be careful what you wish for…