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Gem Journal May

Some days I can’t stop working. I know this sounds unAmerican—we live for Fridays, but I get so hooked on an exciting new piece that I find myself almost unable to decide what the last thing I will do for the day is. I am still on a Bypass Bracelet thing and the most exciting one I’ve ever designed will have over three carat of fine white diamond and fancy colored melee diamond in platinum and 18k yellow. It’ll be done soon so watch for the picture in the Gallery.
The only thing that can sometimes tempt me out of my shop is my garden. Sitting in the grass with my hands deep in the soil is not just soothing but as addictive as a drug. Everyday catching small pieces of time to pull out a few weeds and contemplate things… what is a weed anyway but a plant that you have too much of? I have a love/hate thing going with my Plume Poppy. It is so striking and lovely. With 15” grape shaped leaves that give the appearance of dusty golden green translucence, at summers end it reaches over 10’ feet tall with feathery plumes. From June on, it takes over as the center of attention as it grows noticeable amounts a day. I really think I have seen it move on its own-a sentient being with a will. Possibly this is a symptom of garden addiction delirium or some exotic bug bite but I really did see it move. And now there is another just like the first growing next to it. I swear that wasn’t there a minute ago. I cant just yank it out of the ground and throw it on the compost pile like I don’t care but its moving toward my backdoor and I am starting to feel threatened. So I get out all the little plastic boxes I’ve saved and start tenderly separating baby Plume Poppies from mother Plume Poppy. Such beautiful little seedlings find homes easily and I lightly mention the hearty attitude of the plant. I worry what I will do when I run out of friends and neighbors to take these orphans? Or if I will have any friends and neighbors after a season or two with this challenging child? Or if my mother Plume will resent her lose and replace them doubly by morning?
In this agitated state the only thing I can do to settle myself down and refocus is go back into the shop and sit at my bench. After a few deep breaths, I can pick up my project and do what is needed next. Soon I forget all about my garden invasion and nothing matters but the bracelet and making it absolutely perfect. Some days I could work around the clock…