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Gem Journal April

I’ve always known I wanted to be an artist. When I was a kid I would braid grass bracelets and paint on rocks. I think I’ve tried every craft and left plenty unfinished. It’s an attention span thing, if it isn’t passionately exciting I can’t seem to finish. When I first worked with metal in high school, I knew I found something I liked. It didn’t unravel or collapse or change color when you weren’t looking. The changes you made to it stayed. And it seemed like moves you made that weren’t really planned could inspire the most creative moments. I think I like the energy and excitement of the process too. Again, that experience came from high school. I would stay late and help our art teacher cast the classes silver rings. She would use this huge torch with a totally hypnotic flame—I can still hear the powerful rumble it made. When the metal was molten she would yell ‘now’ and I would pull the pin and we would duck. Sometimes the kids wouldn’t mix the investment right or put the model too close to the top and the silver would break through the back of the flask and fly across the room. What Excitement! What a thrill! I wanted to do this for the rest of my life!
I seem to be on a bracelet thing lately. Bracelets for women, bracelets for men, bracelets for everyone! I think I like them because they have no specific symbolism attached to them and they are such an easy wear. Symbols are good but sometimes a woman just wants to be symbol-less. Speaking of bracelets, I came across an interesting jeweler named Benjamin Marks from NYC that offered some historical trivia on bracelets. Here it is, enjoy!
Bracelets…It’s Really a Man Thing.