Sophisticated yet friendly

Luxury without pretense

Hip but not trendy

Designer jewelry that is powerful and rare

Day 1 – Arusha, Tanzania


Our brokers office was not far from our hotel, so the next morning we decided to walk to his office in downtown.  People selling things on every corner and making their best attempt to sell things to us as we walked single file snaking through the traffic.  It was pretty obvious at that point that we would not be able to ‘blend in’ but never the less, the people didn’t pay us much mind.  055After coming into town in complete darkness, the vivid colors of the market place and the peoples’ dress really interested me….intense spectrums of color every direction you would look.  Arusha is a busy city that has much activity and is centrally located to many mine sites so a lot of variety shows up.  036We sat in our brokers office for hours looking at many varieties of garnet, zircon, spinel, and a very nice parcel of chrome tourmaline.  I felt extremely fortunate to have Peter, Roger and Steve with us since they had brought some equipment to test the roughs to determine if they were what our broker thought they were using a Chelsea filter and other simple tools.  0412 I scored this 4.85 gram piece of chrome tourmaline that was so clean the light just glowed out of it.  It inspired me so much, I did a quick sketch of a pendant using it.