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Change It Up

butterflyCan’t seem to get off the soul-search train these days and I find I am still ruminating on why I do what I do.  I’ve always loved to use my hands and make things no matter the material but I rarely make the same thing twice.   Variations on a theme but never a duplicate.  Last night  I woke up wondering how I could ever inspire anyone when I am in a constant state of change.  Change for a reason, for no reason, by choice and by circumstance-not all fun but still all good.  Could that be what I have to offer; a guide through change with no fear?

So how that relates to my custom jewelry – I realized so much of what I do is help people with change.

I found myself thinking about a design appointment I had earlier in the week.  They were a newly engaged young couple  and they brought an entire handful of gold rings that their family members had gathered to help them make their own wedding jewelry.  She had lost her mom the year earlier and the thought of taking apart her mothers engagment ring to make one for herself was a difficult change.  She was nearly in tears.  I started to sketch as she flipped through and commented on images in my portfolio and within the hour, her mood lifted from anxiety to exhileration.  I came up with a handful of design possibilities that were reminiscent of her moms ring but brought in the future and her own preferences.  When I hit the one that spoke to her,  we all knew it.  Her face lit up and she said “I love it”   What a thrill for us both!   Her fiance was quiet but clearly relieved that she was finally at ease.

I thrive on the  process of solving one-of-a-kind design challenges with my clients and I think now I know this is because I love the process of change.  The custom jewelry process is always about change and the opportunity to witness an idea as it becomes something special.  I feel so fortunate to be a part of that amazing process with so many.  Wow, thanks…now I might cry.

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A few interesting reads: Embracing Change by Glenn Rothman and The Art of Embracing Change by Nadia Ballas-Ruta

A few trivial facts (subject to change):  My favorite poet is Rumi,   my favorite gemstone is color change garnet