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Generosity thru Gemstones

The Nepali Life Foundation is an organization close to our hearts. It was started by a friend of the shop, Todd Pelllizzer, after several trips to Nepal to collect precious gemstones opened his eyes to children’s limited access to education. His foundation provides teachers, clean water, and other educational resources to schools in Nepal. He has also started a scholarship program for Nepali women who would otherwise not have the means to graduate from college.

Families in Nepal still practice the artisanal craft of gemstone carving. Our shop in Northeast, Minneapolis has ‘Gemball Machine’ filled with stones Todd brought back from Nepal. With just 50 cents, you can take home a hand-carved gemstone and help the Nepali Life Foundation.


Generosity is something that we firmly believe in. We wanted to do something to help Todd even more this year. For our 31st Anniversary Party we decided to focus on helping the Nepali Life Foundation. Through donations, we were able to raise $2,340!! Every cent raised gives kids the chance to receive a valuable education and to follow their dreams.

For more information on the Nepali Life Foundation or to find out how to help, click HERE!