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Responsible Jewelry Council


A Global Council for ethical practices The Responsible Jewelry Council has created a worldwide diamond and gold jewelry supply chain system, for companies in all sectors, from mining through to retail. RJC published its core system documents in 2008, which include a requirement that members have independent auditors verify their responsible practices, as defined by the RJC Code of Practices. RJC plans to introduce a Mining Supplement to its system in 2009. After comprehensive stakeholder consultation, the Mining Supplement will outline the major ethical, social, human rights and environmental practices to which RJC mining members also must adhere.Our company believes strongly in the work of the Responsible Jewelry Council to add assurance to both the diamond and gold jewelry supply chain and is proud to support RJC. We are joined by an increasing number of industry companies throughout our supply chain, who believe that by working together, our industry can effect real change.

Policy Statement on responsible Gold
As issued by Jewelers of America
May 2009

We expect our business partners to adhere to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. We take the impact of our company’s supply chain seriously and we believe that gold should be extracted and processed in a manner that respects people and the earth.

We believe that a commitment to responsible gold must include our suppliers, to ensure that best practices can be assured all the way through the supply chain. Without the engagement of all segments of our industry, retailer’s individual pledges to source responsibly will not be effective.

Our membership in the national trade association, Jewelers of America, links our company to several collaborative efforts that are working to promote responsible sourcing in the gold sector, including the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and the Madison Dialogue (MD).