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Gemstone Roundtable Guest Dealers

Gemstone Roundtable events are exclusive evenings where guests have the chance to view and purchase gemstones directly from a gem expert. Over food and wine, guests have the chance to “flirt” with a wide array of gemstones from around the world. Each expert brings their own unique style to each event, giving guests the chance to explore new styles and learn more about precious stones.

Events are exclusive and seats are given based on sign-up date. Click the links below to learn more about our gemstone hosts this year. For more information on how you can join us for a Roundtable event, visit our Facebook page (click here) or stop by the shop!


2017 Roundtable Events


March 16 & 17: Jerry’s faceted color collection

Jerry specializes in rare, colored and precious gemstones from around the world, offering a huge variety of colors, shapes, sizes, cuts and qualities. He has been faceting gemstones for over 40 years. He has also been a teacher and mentor to many of the most award winning gem carvers and cutters in the world.


May 18 & 19: Penny’s eclectic collection

Penny has developed connections in the gemstone industry by being a great personality and knowing what new trends are happening throughout custom designer boutiques around the country. She curates a fabulous collection in order to present the most fresh and unique variety. We love the pearls and druzys she brings, along with some of the most vivid faceted gemstones from up and coming gem cutters.


August 10 & 11: Studio Collection

This collection of gems has been hand selected to showcase some of the newest up and coming gem artists from around the county. There will be gem carvings, uniquely faceted gems, exotic species of gems from each corner of the world that you will have the opportunity to hold and play with. 



 October 19 & 20: Annette’s handcarved collection