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Luxury without pretense

Hip but not trendy

Designer jewelry that is powerful and rare

81 Days – Circle Back to the Beauty


3.75 ct Chrome Tourmaline cut by Roger Dery of Spectral Gems, Inc.

This morning I was talking about the trip….no really?… to my store manager Sue.  I was literally bubbling over with excitement over a new website that I found called ‘Jewelers that Care’ and a new supplier for conflict free diamonds.

Me : “…transparent earth friendly practices…ethical human rights practices…fairtrade,fairmined,fair…pant,pant,breathe,whew”

Sue : “Ya, but T, what about the beauty, can we talk about the beauty?  The way she could not take her eyes off that gemstone, the excitement of what we are looking at, why people come to us to find these things…what about that?”

The beauty is what draws us all together in pursuit of this rare thing. But to be brought to the surface of our attention in a way that has caused no harm; this makes the beauty immeasurable.



Fuschia Sapphire 3.6ct cut by Roger Dery of Spectral Gems