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37 Signals and 18 Holes or Throw Less at the Problem

I am a specialist.  I do several limited edition collections a year but my primary passion and main focus is designing custom jewelry with custom faceted gemstones. I do four Gemstone Roundtables each year   There are times I wonder if I should broaden my scope and start to carry things that other fine jewelers fill their case with…watches, crystal, pens, clocks, chocolates ??  Throw more out there in an effort to broaden my customer appeal.  Its tempting.

Trillion Congo Tourmaline cut by Roger Dery of Spectral Gems

That was before I was enlightened by the book ReWork written by the  erudite duo of Fried and Heinemeier Hansson of  37 Signals.   In the chapter titled ‘Throw Less at the Problem’ I had an epiphany that my slant toward being a specialist was exactly what I should be doing.  Do less, cut back, sort out what truly matters and then go deep.  I took it to heart and took off to Vail for the weekend.  Whew, I was so close to ordering the designer chocolates.

A Great Course in Vail

A Great Course in Vail